The great cross is back with the GP Italy dispute of the MXGP World Championship. On a spectacular track, built between Paddock 2 and Collina della Rivazza, the big names of the championship will battle to win the victory. Spotlight on champions of the caliber of Tim Gajser, Romain Fabvre, Clement Desalle, Arnaud Tonus, Gautier Paulin, Jeremy Seewer and our bearer Ivo Monticelli. The program is completed by the Women’s World Championship and the European 250 2T.

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Mappa Tribune MXGP


Each admission ticket will allow direct access to all areas of the circuit reserved for spectators, including the Rivazza grandstand and the Monster grandstand and sponsor area, only the Paddock area is excluded and need an additional ticket.

Where are the box offices? / When do ticket offices open on the day of the event?

Ticket offices and access to the MX track will be open:
Saturday 17 August from 8.00am to 6.00pm;
Sunday 18 August from 7.30am to 5.00pm;

The ticket offices will be located in two places:
– Main Entrance, Piazza Ayrton Senna Da Silva;
– Rivazza entrance, Via dei Colli behind the Rivazza grandstand;

Those who have purchased through online presale must present themselves with the Printed PDF Tickets so that they can be read by the Barcode scanners.

Up to what age do children enter for free?
Children up to 9 years of age will pay a symbolic ticket of 1 euro, and will only be able to enter if accompanied by an adult. It is not possible to book this ticket, but an integration will be made when accessing the circuit at the access control (it will not be necessary to queue at the checkouts if you already have a ticket). From 10 to 16 years there is a reduced ticket that can be purchased online or at the event ticket offices.

Disabled people come for free? Those who need a place reserved for those with motor disabilities, where can they come from?
The area reserved for disabled people (with physical or non-motor disabilities) will be set up in the Tribuna R – Rivazza in Via dei Colli.
Disabled people with accompanying certification and their companion will pay a symbolic ticket of 1 euro.
Disabled people without accompanying certification will benefit from the ticket for 1 euro, while any accompanying person will pay the regular entrance ticket;
Disabled people can collect and / or pay for tickets and car passes directly at the entrance of the Tribuna R – Rivazza in Via dei Colli, where special staff will be present;
Since the area is reserved for people with mobility disabilities with limited places, it is advisable to book / confirm one’s participation in the event by contacting the customer care of the ticket office – Tel. 0542 655144 – email mxgp@autodromoimola.it

How do I access the Paddock and on which days? Where do I buy the Paddock ticket?
Access to the paddock is subject to a fee. The cost of the supplement is Euro 20.00 and is valid for the whole weekend.
The Paddock supplement can be purchased in advance only at the ticket office of the circuit and during the days of the event at the box office or directly at the Paddock ticket office, located in front of the entrance to the Paddock itself.
The supplement can only be purchased if you already have any other access ticket.

Can animals and / or dogs enter?
Access to animals is not permitted. Only guide dogs for people with visual impairments can access; Dogs with small muzzled leashes are tolerated.


Where are yhe main entrance for the public? Where are parkings area located?
The only access for the public is from the Viale Dante / P.zza Aytron Senna bridge, the box offices will be set up in the Ayrton Senna square; those already in possession of the ticket can access through the fast lane directly at the entrance under the Racetrack Tower for scanning the barcode. Access to the MX track area in Paddock 2 takes place along the track along which the Commercial Village will be set up. Entrance to the Paddock for the public will be within the MX track area.
Paid parking will be activated near viale Dante, Via Graziadei and Via Pirandello (Riverside / Famila).

Auto parking will be reported around the circuit.

There are two pedestrian accesses for the public:
– Main Entrance, from the Viale Dante / P.zza Aytron Senna bridge;
– Rivazza entrance, from Via dei Colli, at the top of the Rivazza tribune;

Those in possession of the ticket purchased online can access through a fast track;
The entrance to the Paddock is at the end of the commercial area, and will be signposted inside the racetrack.

Where do disabled people enter? Where do they park?
Access to the disabled area in the Tribuna R – Rivazza is from the entrance of Via dei Colli where the reserved parking will also be available.
Disabled people can pick up and / or pay for tickets and the car pass directly at the entrance of Tribuna R – Rivazza in Via dei Colli, where special staff will be present.

Where do the insiders, Media TVs, photographers, journalists and YouthStream guests come from? Where do they park?

Professionals, Media TV YS staff and Guest Youth Stream guests (with All Area Car Pass) can access:
– By car (only those entitled Pass All Area / Vip YS / Vip Organization) of Via Santerno / Rivazza;
– By foot from the Paddock entrance in Ayrton Senna Square.

The MEDIA car park is in Via Malsicura (America Graffiti Restaurant) and via the pass below from the central grandstand you can access the Press Room and the paddock.


Where is the Campsite / RV Area and Parking? What are the prices?

Two areas are available, one for camper vans inside the track and the other for camping and an equipped camper area near the circuit:

The organization will provide inside the racetrack a parking area for campers and caravans.
The welcome point of the Camper parking lot is from the Viale Dante / P.zza Ayrton Senna Da Silva bridge.
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The area will be manned by the safety of the circuit and public toilets will be made available, while water and electricity supplies are not guaranteed.

Access will only be active at the following times:
– Friday 16th August from 11:00 am until 3:00 am on Saturday morning;
– Saturday 17 August from 8:00 to 15:30;

The cost of the Parking Ticket is € 30.00 for each vehicle (which can be purchased directly on-site or in advance with payment by bank transfer).
The camper pass alone does not allow access to the circuit for the event. To enter all the people present must have the specific entrance tickets, which can be purchased either in advance or directly on arrival at the special Welcome Camper entrance.

For information and reservations: +39 0584 85229

The Camping / Camper Area is located at the Tiro a Segno Social Center, in via Tiro a Segno 2 (near the main entrance of the Racetrack).
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The campsite has showers and toilets; there is no electrical connection.

The maximum daily prices are:

• tents up to 4 seats € 9.00 / tents over 4 seats € 12.00
• camper € 16.00
• caravans € 15.00
• car € 8.00
• motorbike € 5.00
+ € 5.00 per person
The campsite is open 24 hours a day

For information and reservations contact Mina cell. +39 338 9569414


Mappa Servizi e Parcheggi MXGP


Where is the Accreditation Center? What are the opening days and times?
The welcome office is located at the Palazzo dello Sport A. Ruggi in Via Oriani 2/4 and will have the following opening times:

Thursday 15/08 from 2.00pm to 8.00pm
Friday 16/08 from 08.00 to 20.00
Saturday 17/08 from 07.00 to 19.30
Sunday 18/08 from 07.00 to 14.00

Accredited journalists and photographers will have to present themselves, with an identity document, at the welcome point to collect their respective passes, while, if previously granted, they will be able to pick up the bib for track access in the press room.

YouthStream guests must also go to the Welcome Point with an identity document that corresponds to the name communicated to the relevant contact person. Passes will not be delivered to persons other than those indicated in the list and / or without documents.

Accredited disabled people who have confirmed their presence and sent the documentation will be able to pick up their tickets and pass the car directly at the entrance to the R – Rivazza Grandstand in Via dei Colli where special staff will be present.


Who can I ask for tourist information or book a hotel?
It is possible to contact the Tourist Hub IF – Imola Faenza Tourism Company at the Imola Racetrack
tel. +39 0542 25413 info@imolafaenza.it
or the office IAT Tourist Information Reception tel. 0542.602207 iat@comune.imola.bo.it