The Racetrack is once again the start of the Fantaveicoli Parade, the ecological carnival, now in its 26th edition which aims to enhance respect for the environment, raise awareness of zero emissions, sustainable mobility, recycling and the reuse of materials . Deployment and departure from the racing grid, with the Fantaveicoli that parades up to Piazza Matteotti in the historic center of Imola.

But what is a fantaveicolo? It is a vehicle that can mix imagination, creativity, color, extravagance, irony. It can be created original and unique, important that it is also characterized in a thematic way, with a subject, a masquerade and an embellishment of your choice.
Another indispensable element: the movement of the vehicle can not take place with the use of polluting engines, but must be environmentally friendly! So any solution without engines is good (push, pedal, tow, sail, propeller, etc) or with engines ‘zero emission’ (electric power, solar panels, compressed air, etc.).

A special contest involves all the participants of the big parade. But the party does not end here: the competition and the parade of masked groups, the Children’s Carnival enrich the festive and fun atmosphere throughout the city.

More Info: facebook.com/carnevale.deifantaveicoli/