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Looking at the area and physical structures from a morphological point of view, the circuit has always been considered Avant guard in terms of flexibility and functionality, giving it the highest levels of hospitality, in addition to high speed automobile racing, other sportives both motorized and non-motorized, music and cultural events, as well as providing […]


2012 saw the start of a new era of marked by large sporting events. In April, in rapid succession, the SBK World Championship took place and started the season of motorcycling in Europe. Followed by the return of CIV, the Italian Championship ACI-Csai, the International Superstars Series and the Porsche ‘Targa Tricolore.’ In May, the […]


If the year prior saw the relaunch of the racetrack’s activity, then 2011 focused on filling the calendar with amazing events. Starting in March with the GP2 Asia Series, Imola was chosen to host the final round after Bahrain GP had to cancel for security reasons due to social unrest. May was another exciting month […]


2010 can be considered the year of relaunching for the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola. The sporting activities started with the Scuderia Toro Rosso, which has carried out important tests for the Formula One World Championship. In April, the Superstars Championship brought cars to the track to compete, followed by the International […]


The WTCC returned for the 2009 season on September 18th-20th. Summer of ’09 saw the creation of the Nuova Variante Bassa, which was necessary to meet the homologation requirements of the International Motorcycling Federation. This addition is able to neutralize the slight right-hand bend characteristic of the track for the cars and is located in […]


These works were followed by further changes, carried out at a fast pace during the summer months of 2008. They involved the altering the layout of the pit lane entrance and widening of the Piratella Curve escape route, as well as the resurfacing of the section of track between the exit of the pits and […]


On November 19, 2006 at 4:14 pm, the old box structure was demolished using 700 sticks of dynamite. The explosion was watched by 3,000 people crowded in a moving silence on Rivzza hill. The circuit and the annexed structures were then subject to a redevelopment and modernization plan, which concluded in September 2007 and was […]


After an extensive renovation of the circuit and the construction of the new box – which at the time was the most modern in Europe – a new Formula 1 GP took place in September 1979, not officially for the World Championship but all the teams participating in the championship were present. Victory was claimed […]


On April 21, 1963, during the beginning of Formula 1, the first unofficial race took place on Imola’s track, however the Ferrari team did not attend. “The Flying Scotsman” Jim Clark proved victorious that day driving the Lotus Climax Brm with which he raced to become World Champion at the end of the season.


Umberto Maglioli’s Ferrari reached the finish line followed by two future stars of the history of world motorsports who also classified: the British Colin Chapman and the Australian Jack Brabham. Another big name in the world of motoring, Bernie Ecclestone, raced at Imola on a Norton Max in a heated motorcycle race in 1956.