Ready Set Go!
Cats, kittens, and big cats, magnificent, affectionate specimens, true stars on display, present on both days of the event, from the opening to the closing of the show.
Many cats will arrive belonging to many different breeds including the Maine Coon, the American giant, the mythical Burmese with its peculiar white coat, the majestic Norwegian Forest Cat, the regal blue-eyed Siamese, the sumptuous long-haired Persian, the sweet Ragdoll, one of a kind with a separate breed patent, the wonderful Bengal with leopard fur, the fascinating Chartreux, the mysterious Burmese, the Sphinx, known as the naked cat, the exotic Abyssinian, the Egyptian Mau, the cat of the Pharaohs, the Russian Blue, the cat of the Tsars, and the British Lord of England.
In the afternoon, the cats will parade to receive prizes, rosettes and cups, making the show a unique and unmissable opportunity. The house cats will have the opportunity to parade and be rewarded, helping to make the event even more memorable.
For the little ones, the Children’s Area will be equipped with inflatables, candy and praline stalls, face painting and stands with products dedicated to felines.
At the entrance, copies of the expo magazine will be available containing detailed descriptions of the various breeds, accompanied by splendid photographs.
– Full ticket: €8.00
– Reduced ticket: €5.00 (for children up to 12 years old and over 70s)
– Free entry for children up to 3 years old, disabled people and ANFI members (upon presentation of card and document).
More information on www.anfiemiliaromagna.it