The structure houses the Race Direction on the ground floor, offices for the competition secretary and rooms for commissioners, while on the second floor the offices of the Autodromo are located, on the third and final floor we have a welcoming VIP room and other offices for different uses.

Built on 3 floors, each 750 square meters, the management can enjoys separate external access from paddock 1, as well as being directly connected to Parco Chiuso.


Direzione Gara

Race Control


The new race control room, the brain of the Imola Circuit, is made of a video wall composede of 18 monitors LCD-LED 55 ″ each, that form a screen of total dimensions of 7 by 2 meters.
The system enables to monitor constantly the activity at any point of the track




There are 32 boxes available, with a surface area of 4,500 square meters on the ground floor. Internal dimensions: 16 x 6,6 m, added to which are two covered outdoor areas, respectively facing onto paddock 1 and the pit-lane. Each box is equipped with toilets, electricity, water and video.


Located at the beginning of the box, with the tower to its back, the media center occupies an area of about 800 square meters and includes the Press and Conference Rooms.

Media Center



This building, the historic symbol of the racetrack decorated with prancing Ferrari horses, has not been affected by recent works. It contains on 7 above-ground floors which house offices, conference rooms, panoramic terraces that enjoy enchanting views of the starting straight, the low variant, the exit of the pit-lane and the entire paddock.


There are 10 stands, with 34.419 seats located along the track;

Grandstand Start 1 (covered) Start: 3.047 seats

Grandstand Start 2 (covered) Start/Variante Bassa/Finish/Box: 2.370 seats

Grandstand Start 3 Variante Bassa/ Finish/Podium/Box: 2.831 seats

Grandstand Tosa 1 Tosa Curve / VarianteVilleneuve: 2.656 seats

Lawn Tosa  (green) Tosa Curve / VarianteVilleneuve: 10.508 seats

Grandstand Acque Minerali 1 Curve: 517 seats

Grandstand Acque Minerali 2 Curve: 948 seats

Grandstand Acque Minerali 3 Curve: 948 seats

Grandstand Rivazza 1 (green) Rivazza CurveFinish: 8.278

Grandstand Rivazza 2 Rivazza Curve: 2.316 seats

Lawn areas: these consist of the 2 natural hills above the Tosa and Rivazza curves.
The total capacity is 43,500 seats divided into 8,500 seats on the noisy hill Tosa against the 35,000 roaring hearts of the legendary Rivazza.
Racetrack’s total capacity: More than140,000 people.




President Gian Carlo Minardi
Racetrack General Manager Pietro Benvenuti
General Secretary Elena Tordini
Amministration Manager Enzo Gattafoni
Amministration Office Eunice Biondi – Michela Farolfi – Barbara Bosi
Track Services Office Massimiliano Ghinassi
Technical Office Simone Magnani
Press Office Marcello Pollini
Marketing Office Stefano Calamelli
Onsite Doctor Marco Bandini