Explore the land where speed was born

Motor Valley is a precious local gem known internationally. Brands, Museums, Collectors, International Circuits and specialized training centers are all concentrated in a single territory. A cluster of excellence that attracts talents, investors and visitors.

To make the most of the great potential of the Motor Valley, the non-profit association Motor Valley Development was born, of which Formula Imola is a founding member, which aims to bring together the great motor brands of the region at the same table.

The common goal is to make the Motor Valley of Emilia-Romagna one of the most important assets of tourism promotion on international markets, within the “La Via Emilia – Experience the Italian Lifestyle” project

The Emilia-Romagna Motor Land runs along a millenary road of Roman origin, which gives its name to an entire region: the Via Emilia.

Often on this historic road that cuts across Emilia-Romagna, connecting Piacenza to Rimini, some of the most beautiful and desired racing cars in the Motor Valley have been tested and developed.

A journey to discover the main Emilian Romagna cities, which act as stops, and which with their territories tell of that concentration of culture, nature and good food that is Emilia-Romagna.